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When an oil spill occurs close to a coastline it is of outmost importance to prevent the oil reaching the shore, as this will dramatically increase the environmental impact, the associated cleanup time and economic cost.

It is a known issue that traditional oil recovery equipment has difficulties in recovering oil in the shallow water zone*;
  • Conclusion from the ‘Oil Spill Recovery Report’ from the Baltic Carrier accident in Groensund, Denmark 2001, states that oil recovery in shallow waters should be improved
  • General HELCOM** recommendation of improving oil recovery on shallow waters
  • NOFO*** has increased focus on the shallow water zone
*Shallow water zone is considered to be from depth of 1.2 m to 0.4 m.
** HELCOM (HELsinki COMmission) also called the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission is a cooperation between all countries around the Baltic Sea.
*** NOFO (Norsk Oljevernforening For Operatørselskab) is Norwegian Clean Seas Association For Operating Companies

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