Main Particulars
Sailing Trailered Skimming
L, overall: 6.30 M 5.80 M 7.80 m
B: 3.10 m 2.20 m 3.50 m
D, design: 0.35 m min 0.35 m
Power: 2 x 50 Hp (max. 2 x 65 Hp)
Speed: 15+ kn
Endurance: min. 4 hours at full speed min. 8 hours skimming oil


LAMOR® Bow Collector Bagging system Screw Pump System (alt.)
Certified capacity 40 m3/hr Volume 400 l Heavy oil:
Recovery speed 1-4 knots Double skin sealable bag Volume 10 m3/hr
Power consumption 2.5 kW Max. power req. 14 kW
Light oil:
Volume 30 m3/hr
Max. power req. 4 kW
Bagging system: Pumping system:
10-15 bags can be filled and dumped per hour After connecting to floating storage
Max. recovery rate 5 m3/hour Max. recovery rate, heavy oil 10 m3/hour
Power consumption 2.5 kW Max. recovery rate, light oil 15 m3/hour

*Capacity estimates are based on optimum conditions.



A number of initiatives have been made to increase the capability;

Personnel safety
  • Rubberised non-skid paint with grains
  • Flush deck
  • Securing eyes in deck
  • Flood lights, radar reflector, VHF etc
Intact stability
  • Fulfills the requirements in MCA Workboat
  • Placing 400 kg at shipside (1.5 m from CL) gives less than 4┬░ heel
  • Placing 400 kg 1 m forward of transom gives less than 200 mm trim
Damage stability
  • Each hull is divided into two watertight compartments
  • Any compartment can be flooded without sinking the vessel
  • Electrical bilge pump in each compartment
In order to reduce the danger of igniting hazardous fumes specific precautions have been made
  • Air intake for HPU can optionally be moved up to 2.0 meters above sea level by use of funnel
  • Electrical equipment is protected from exposure to hazardous fumes
  • Gas detectors are fitted in the HPU compartment and on the outside of the steering console
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